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“Heaven On A Cracker"


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Three Generations of Georgia Gourmet Spread
Perfect for Charcuterie boards, picnics & Potlucks

Chicken log is a delicious southern spread that some have called “Heaven on a cracker”. With Georgia chicken, onions and pecans, Chicken Log might just be the best spread from the south. It comes fully cooked and ready to serve at the next social or family gathering.

From our table to yours

Perfect for Charcuterie boards, picnics & Potlucks
Family Tradition

Based on a 35 year old recipe from the beautiful hills of Georgia. Families have been enjoying Three Generations of Georgia Chicken Log Gourmet Spread for over 3 generations.

100% natural ingredients

Only the finest ingredients go into Three Generations of Georgia Chicken Log Gourmet Spread. The Chicken Log’s primary ingredients include pecans, onions, and of course, 100% white breast-meat chicken.

Award- Winning

This award winning southern spread has been a fan favorite for years and even won the Flavor of Georgia People's Choice Award.

People’s Choice Award

Flavor of Georgia Winner

Chicken Log had the privilege of competing in the 2012 Flavor of Georgia contest and ended up winning the overall “People’s Choice Award”. Since this honorable recognition, Chicken Log has continued to develop into the delicious spread that you can now enjoy from our table to yours.

Flavor of Georgia red and black logo
Cindy Fulghum and her award winning Three Generations of Chicken Log is a great example of a Georgia Grown business.

Her People’s Choice recognition at the 2012 Flavor of Georgia demonstrates that her product is not only innovative, but that it resonates with the most important judge: the consumer.”

Commissioner Gary Black
Commissioner Gary Black
Georgia Agricultural Commissioner